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Canada’s First Industry 4.0
Innovation Centre

A Cluster and Community Supporting Digital Transformation for Canadian Manufacturing
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The Digital Avalanche Is Here.

If you are a manufacturer, then you are probably struggling to keep up. Today’s SME manufacturer doesn’t have the time or expertise to sort through a bewildering array of digital technologies like ERP, CRM Cloud, Social Media and Mobile Technologies.
How can you tackle this quickly? Without sidelining your entire team? Explore MTechHub and let’s see if we can help you.

MTechHub is run by Manufacturers for Manufacturers!

Manufacturing Technology Hub

What´s In a Name?

MTechHub is North America’s first Industry 4.0 Technology Centre. So, what’s in a name? MTechHub stands for Manufacturing Technology Hub.

MTechHub is here to help! We want to work with you to solve your digital challenges using a standardized Industry 4.0 technology platform. Our unique approach simplifies the complex, so you can get back to delighting your customers, growing your business and creating great jobs.

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Digital Transformation.

The digital avalanche has arrived. Find out what CEO’s are thinking and doing about it. Digitization is not new but the digital economy is now accelerating so quickly that it presents unprecedented challenges for all CEO’s. Digital technology is disrupting business models and changing the way we buy and sell. It is invading the business environment and forcing big changes in the way we communicate, work, and live. Leaders are exploiting Digital Transformation to seize new opportunities and overcome challenges.

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How Digital Are You?

The MTechHub’s Digital Index (MDI) is the only survey devoted exclusively to SME manufacturing companies. Now in its second year, the Digital Index uses survey analysis of small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to measure their adoption of digital technology. The first step in your Digital Transformation journey is to know where you stand. The Survey identifies key strengths and gaps of your digital technology and establishes your ‘baseline’ status.

Secondly, the survey will serve as a long-term foundation to develop your roadmap, make investment decisions, and plan your digital projects.

We worked with a number of partners and associations to:

• Examine the effective use of technology in manufacturing SME’s with a particular focus on Industry 4.0 adoption, productivity, and digital transformation

• Develop a framework that can be used across all manufacturing sectors.

The MDI builds on existing evidence about how to achieve improvements in revenues, costs, and quality using Digital Technology.


Open Innovation.

Why MTechHub is Different?

Technology Push VS Pull

The typical lifecycle of technology normally begins with a startup. The startup gets funding, develops a minimal viable product, and begins to market it. Additional funding rounds continue as the product is commercialized. This is the “push” approach.

MTechHub operates using a “pull” approach.

Our customer groups identify business challenges that can potentially be solved using technology.

The centre evaluates the suitability of existing commercial products. If none are found, the centre will partner with technology providers to establish the criteria for an MVP and then oversee the development of a solution.

The technology provider gets funding support and potentially 400 customers.

This reduces survival risk and eliminates sales and marketing expenses.

How MTechHub Does It?

The Power of We

We operate on the following assumptions:

• Not all of the smart people in the world work for us.
• Good ideas can come from anywhere and no one has a monopoly on useful knowledge anymore.
• Innovation accelerates when done using networks and clusters.

Innovation is a term that is wildly used today. MTechHub uses “innovation” to describe the path to succeed in Digital Transformation. Dr. Henry Chesbrough’s book, “Open Innovation”, created a new paradigm that has been implemented at leading corporations and widely taught at business schools and management training centres. Open innovation promotes the idea that your company should

a) make greater use of external ideas in the business, and
b) share your own best practices.

These concepts build upon benchmarking to include the execution of improvements.


Who Should Visit The MTechHub?


Technology Providers


Government Agencies

Want To Get Involved?

Are you bored with slide decks? Tired of long demonstrations of complex software? Are you more interested in solving your business challenges and achieving business outcomes? Would you like to see best practices in action and evaluate opportunities to:

• Reduce costs with limited risk.

• Repair or improve critical business processes.

• Develop a dependable and competitive advantage.

• Improve cash flow and returns on fixed assets.

We want more conversation about achieving business outcomes and less talk about feature sets. Don’t ask us for the answers. Let’s make sure we are asking the right questions and then we can explore the solutions together.


The MTechHub Facility.

The Burlington MTechHub is a centre of excellence for Digital Transformation. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is home to a lively tech scene and Burlington is the ideal location for this exciting facility. The Lab will make use of these assets to drive digital networking in Canada and abroad, and to position Burlington as a hub for the next wave of digitalization for manufacturing.

There are many public and private sector organizations dedicated to manufacturing. However, very few have dedicated facilities available to the practitioner. We believe having a physical facility is crucial to the ecosystem for many reasons. The facility must simulate technology used on the shop floor and provide real-world hands-on experience.

The facility was opened in January 2017 and encompass over 2,000 square feet. It includes an envisioning theater and collaboration spaces for our employees, external partners, and your teams to work together on digital projects.

Our collaborative workspaces are designed to:

• Reach Breakthroughs Faster
• Spark Innovation
• Facilitate cross-functional review of the business process.

The appeal of the Innovation Centre lies in its architecture. Its openness, transparency, and innovative spirit. The inspiring work environment facilitates communication, unleashes creativity, and provides plenty of space for new forms of collaboration away from the everyday routine.