Special Event: MTechHub IoT Demo Lab

Special Event: MTechHub IoT Demo Lab

IoT offers a massive economic opportunity. You will see how the Industrial Internet of Things will transform the shop floor. Overcome the biggest IoT stumble block:  How to connect the wide array of existing equipment and systems on the shop floor.

Who Should Attend:

  • Owners, Senior Managers
  • Digital Transformation & IT Leaders
How to Develop your IoT Roadmap 
Come out and see the MTechHub tech stack and learn how to retrofit existing machinery using low-cost, high-quality sensors. See how IoT can improve OEE, utilization, safety and maintenance.

Upcoming Events

May 7: Digital Transformation and Continuous Improvement | Knowledge Sharing Event
May 28: Industry 4.0 comes to the Accounting Department  | Information and Networking Event

About MTechHub

MTechHub is a non-profit association of manufacturing companies working on Digital Adoption and Transformation opportunities.

For more information contact: Kevin Lenko | klenko@mtechhub.ca

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