Special Event: Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation & Inventory Control!

Special Event: Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation & Inventory Control!

What does best practice control look like?

We all know that inaccurate inventory systems degrade your customer’s experience. This MTechHub Demo Lab will show you how to use readily available technology to improve:

  • Visibility – transparency of inventory available and delivery schedules across your supply chain is key to inventory optimization. See how connected systems and digital tracking can help.
  • Analytics – Real time data automates decision making to cut cycle times and inventory levels.
  • Supplier Collaboration – Come out and see the infrastructure you’ll need to find win/wins with your suppliers and logistics providers.
  • AI and Workflow automation – how to eliminate both overstocking and under-stocking.
Come out and see our Demo Lab in action. We showcase affordable technology applications that you can deploy today:

  • Mobile Devices
  • RFID
  • Bar Code
  • Labeling
  • Digital Transformation & Physical Counts
  • Digital Kanban
  • Connected supply chain systems

Upcoming Events

Fall 2019 – Eliminating Information Silos, Best Practices CAD – ERP, IoT on Legacy Equipment, The Factory of the Future & Smart Work Cells

About MTechHub

MTechHub is a non-profit association of manufacturing companies working on Digital Adoption and Transformation opportunities.

For more information contact: Kevin Lenko | klenko@mtechhub.ca

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