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Are you a Small or Medium-sized Manufacturer?

Innovation is happening here! Learn how our 400 existing members are improving their competitive advantage.

Bored with slide decks? Tired of long demonstrations of complex software? Have you wasted time and money on the wrong technology choice? Are you more interested in solving your business challenges and achieving business outcomes?
Would you like to see best practices in action and evaluate digital transformation opportunities?

  • Reduce costs with limited risk.

  • Optimize and improve critical business processes.

  • Develop a dependable competitive advantage.

  • Improve cash flow and returns on fixed assets.

We want more conversation about achieving business outcomes and less talk about feature sets. Don’t ask us for the answers. Let’s make sure we are asking the right questions and then we can explore the solutions together.

One of the key benefits of membership in MTechHub is the regular opportunity to collaborate side-by-side with leading practitioners in digital transformation and manufacturing. Come out and kick the tires on pre-integrated best practice technology solutions – see how it will work in your organization.

Take advantage of our buying group discounts to get buying power from coast to coast and save thousands every year.

To apply for a membership please contact us.

Are You a Manufacturing Association?

There’s plenty of talk about the challenges that member-based organizations are facing, but you don’t need to be part of that narrative. Now, it’s time to give your association the fuel it needs to aspire to new heights — where you’ll offer new perspectives for your members. Digital transformation is a hot topic for all industries and one of the top concerns for all CEO’s. One method for the association to offer value to members is to provide specifically tailored guidance and research on digital issues that affect the association’s members.

Services that can be privately labeled and offered to your members on a very cost-effective basis include:

  • Digital Readiness Survey – an annual process to assess the current digital adoption of the members and identify digital roadmaps. We work with you to keep your members coming back for more. Armed with a snapshot in “real-time”, we’ll garner insights and opportunities for digital transformation and provide an overarching strategy. This locks in relevancy for members and growth for your organization. The result? Deeper relationships, inspired participants, pathways to new audiences, and ideas to truly distinguish your brand in a competitive environment.
  • Host Digital Transformation Event at MTechHub customized for your industry challenges – a value-add service to reinforce the reasons for members to stay or join your association. This opportunity will inspire members and open their eyes to a world of new possibilities and members can learn how Industry 4.0 will affect their industry. Members want to be part of a uniquely engaging experience that reinforces the value of belonging to your organization.
  • Identify the Top 5 Obstacles to Digital Adoption.
  • Design best practices for industry-specific business processes – this promotes community involvement.
  • Present Digital Transformation opportunities at membership meetings.

Now that you know more about us, we want to learn more about what matters to you, your organization, your members, and your partners.

For association membership rates please contact us at 905-681-3890 or