IIoT: Shifting Mindsets and Models

In June, we attended the 7th Annual McRock Capital IIot Symposium in beautiful old Montreal.  This event brings together the entrepreneurs, corporations and investors who are driving the digital industrial revolution in Canada and around the World. Throughout the event, one theme emerged: The shift to smart will require a shift in culture. Maciej Kranz, [...]

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MTechHub Industry 4.0 RoundUp for May 2018

The Human Side of the Smart Factory In “The Evolving Worker in Digital Transformation”, Aaron Hand highlights key findings from a study on smart factories recently conducted by Intel. A smart factory is one that is using technology to digitize manual processes, workflow, automate and to gather and use data to improve operations, address key [...]

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What is a Supercluster and who is Next Generation Manufacturing Canada?

Milton Chamber of Commerce Taking a Leadership Role On April 11, 2018, the Milton Chamber of Commerce held a briefing for Milton and Halton based businesses and organizations about the Canadian Federal Government's Supercluster initiative. Members of MTechHub and our partner community Silicon Halton attended. The Chamber is focused on making sure Milton companies can [...]

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Lay the Groundwork for Digital Transformation: CLIMBS

Leading CEO’s know that digital transformation is the key to increasing everything about their company: its value, its productivity, its competitiveness, its sales, its market share—its longevity. You’ve watched companies like BlockBuster and Barnes and Nobel ignored this change and perished. However, the Digital Avalanche is officially here – hundreds of technology suppliers can be [...]

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