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Best Practices.

Digital best practices and benchmarking is a valuable exercise for improving productivity. Best practices benchmarking can provide you with hard facts about how your operations rate and about where and by how much you can improve.  Sharing best practices requires two steps:

  • Identify a Best Practice
  • Disseminate the practice to so other users can successfully
    adopt it

A best practice must:

  • Demonstrate quantifiable evidence of success;
  • Significantly improve productivity, cost, revenue or quality
  • Have the potential to be replicated or adapted to other settings.

Establishing Best Practice.

Key steps in identifying and sharing best practices are:

  1. Look for successes: The MTechHub team is constantly on the lookup for SME best practice candidates. We look within our members operations, we look for input from technology providers and we look at global inspiration from companies outside of our membership.
  1. Validate best practices: MTechHub systematically compares the performance of different approaches to methodically select the superior method.
  1. Document best practices: We document the best practice and add it to our central repository where it can be accessed by all members.
  1. Adapt and deploy best practices: We facilitate communities of practice so best practices can be shared, deployed and improved. . Communities of practice bring people with a shared professional interest together to exchange insights and experiences, successes and failures. MTEchHub’s role is to foster communication and working together to support knowledge sharing among SMEs.

Best Practices in Productivity.

Come out and see current best practices in standardized reference processes designed for manufacturing SME’s:

  • Customer Service
  • Electronic Payments
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Fast Month End Closing
  • Purchase to Pay
  • Dashboards & KPI’s
  • CRM and Sales
  • Inventory Management
  • Telecom Expenditures
  • Digital Logistics
  • Cloud
  • Security

The Collaboration Multiplier.

Community wisdom exploits the combined knowledge, assets, intuition, and skills of entire membership. Leveraging this wisdom is essential for developing strategies to improve productivity. MTechHub can only succeed with the participation from the SME community to both define the questions and shaping solutions. The optimum strategies build on prior achievements and implement promising practices for improving productivity.

MTechHub is designed to provide the key elements for successful collaboration including governing process frameworks, facilitators, technology test beds and an inspiring work space. By sharing capital, expertise, time, facilities and technology we can accelerate SMEs ability to compete.

MTechHub helps industry adopt digital technologies to lower production costs, increase productivity and create opportunities for high paying jobs.

Intellectual Property.

The intellectual property (IP) that is created within MTechHub projects will be made available to our members on a royalty-free basis for use in their internal operations activities worldwide. MTechHub also licenses intellectual property from technology providers to make this available to MTechHub members.

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