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There are numerous accelerators, associations, and programs focused on technology innovations and subsequent commercialization. MTechHub is unique because we start with the customer and work back to the technology. We represent manufacturing SME’s and we offer the following benefits to our members:

  • Identify common productivity challenges

  • Determine the optimal technology stack to improve productivity

  • Collaborate with technology vendors on product roadmap requirements of the members

  • Negotiate advantageous pricing and support agreements

  • Integrate, configure, and deploy multi-vendor solutions and improve to achieve “cookie cutter” deployments

  • Train members in exploiting the solutions

The digital avalanche has overwhelmed SME’s and is, by and large, not actionable with limited resources. Our mission is that to develop a “Best of Breed” standardized technology stack through curation, evaluation, and integration of numerous tech vendors.

MTechHub is a private sector initiative spearheaded by industry partners that include Seradex, Microsoft, Scotia Bank, Bell Mobility, Dell, 3CX, and Logitech. MTechHub is using digital transformation to improve productivity. This includes all processes from the shop floor to the boardroom. MTechHub is the one stop shop for manufacturers wrestling with digital transformation issues.

Working with partners in the industry, academia, the nonprofit sector, and government, MTechHub performs research projects in digital manufacturing, disseminates the lessons learned, and helps educate the workforce of tomorrow.

Dedicated to ensuring manufacturers are provided the best proven and tested solutions, MTechHub continually looks for new technology through a rigorous process that enforces all new solutions to be tested, deployed and validated through multiple sites before being accepted into the standardized digital stack. All new solutions must integrate with other MTechHub platforms ensuring seamless operations for full visibility and control of manufacturing operations from raw materials to finished goods.

MTechHub tackles digital challenges that are too complex, financially risky, or would take too long for individual SME’s to undertake. MTechHub’s purpose is to partner and leverage investments to evaluate, integrate, test, and deploy proven solutions over our entire community.

We are building a lively community of talented people from multiple disciplines who work on developing this knowledge. We collaborate on innovation projects, we test our ideas through discourse and debate, and we share our ideas with the business worlds through our writings and presentations.